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Lazy River

Float down our lazy river all day long. Relax and soak up the sun.



2 TICKETS HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 36" to ride alone 33"-36" w/ adult


Strong Man Challenge

Are you strongest of them all? Prove it by holding on for two minutes and WIN a prize of your choice!


Kiddie Balloon Darts

Throw a dart, win a prize. Easy as 1, 2, 3. KIDS WIN EVERY TIME.


Water Gun Fun

The more players, the bigger the prize. Try out this brand new game with your family and a WINNER is guaranteed!


Long Range Basketball

Do you have what it takes? Test your skills with our long range basketball. Just one in and you win!


Rio Grande

All Aboard! Take a ride on the Rio Grande. Have fun as the conductor or in the caboose takes you on a ride!


*Prices vary depending on number of tickets purchased…the larger the book, the greater the savings!


Castaways Creek

Continuous fun awaits as you enter the crazy/lazy river. You can gently lull downstream the river in a tube or choose to play with all the interactive activities along the way. The rivers is 4ft deep at maximum height. Interaction is part of the fun on the river. Water detonators along the outside of the river release air bubbles to surprise tubers or cause a water explosion. There is also swinging fish to grab, waterfalls and its own tipping bucket.

Children under 42″ must wear a life jacket and be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Riders must use single or double inflatable tube.
Entry and exit on designated staired areas only.


Mountain Blast

Double your fun on this double tube and double wide slide. You can ride alone or with a partner but you will find it hard to control the spinning of the tube as you plunge down this rolling slide.

Under 48″ and non swimmers must wear a life jacket. Must be 42″ or more to ride. Maximum combined weight of 400 lbs.


White Slide #1

All attractions in the Power Tower section are geared primarily for children. The White slides are located in the Power Tower.

Body slide only. Tubes not allowed. 1 person at a time.