We are no longer hiring for all positions for the 2023 season. We are only hiring for custodial positions for the waterpark. We would like to thank you for your interest in applying to Keansburg Amusement Park/Runaway Rapids Water Park. Please apply again next season. For 2024, we are seeking spirited, friendly, and responsible people to help service the needs of over 500,000 anticipated guests for the upcoming season. Completely fill out this application & click on the submit button below. We will then schedule you for an interview. You must be at least 14 years or older to apply and/or work at Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapids.  Once hired you will need to obtain working papers if you are under the age of 18, prior to training.  We have positions including Ride Operators, Lifeguards, Food Services, Cashiers, Games Attendants and Custodians.  Must be able to work holidays and weekends!

We will begin hosting 2024 In-House Interviews for Ride Operators, Food Services, Cashiers, and Custodians starting weekends of February 2024. Interviews will take place in our office located at 275 Beachway, Keansburg, NJ 07734 for Keansburg Amusement Park.

Keansburg Amusement Park and Runway Rapids Waterpark are equal opportunity employers.


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    Keansburg Amusement Park
    Ride Operator (16 yrs or older)Food ServiceBirthday PartiesGamesClean-up/MaintenanceCashier/Ticketing

    Runaway Rapids Water Park
    Lifeguard (15 yrs or older)Food ServiceClean-up/MaintenanceCashier/TicketingBirthday Parties

    Ride operators must be age 16 or older and Lifeguards must be 15 or older by the upcoming summer season. All other positions require the applicant to be 14 or older for consideration.

    Lifeguard applicants that are hired are given free in-house training. Upon successful completion of this course, they will be awarded a waterpark lifeguarding certificate.

    All other applicants will receive specific training in their job field.

    I hereby acknowledge that all the above information is accurate. I understand that any false information listed above can lead to my dismissal if hired. I also understand that Keansburg Amusement Park/Runaway Rapids is an equal opportunity employer. I also acknowledge that I will be subject to drug testing if hired as part of the amusement park/water park's drug policy.

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