Keansburg Games

Rope Ladder

Come give our brand new rope ladder a try! Climb to the top, ring the bell, and win a prize!

Short Range Hot Shot

It’s EZ!! Play until you sink it and win your favorite team’s bball.

Soccer Kick

Kick a ball into the hole to win!

Roll a Ball

How hard can it be to win, just roll the ball!

Can Smash

Knock down all six cans and take home a prize!

Ring Toss

Concentrate, toss… win!!

Football Toss

2 for 2 wins! Throw it through the tire to win!

Vertical Water Race

Have fun with a water gun! Win a fun plush toy!

High Striker

It’s the good old fashion – test your strength to ring the bell.

Top Glo Water Race

Aim your shot at the canisters to win a prize.

Goblet Toss!

Throw the wiffle ball into the colored cups to win color codes prizes.

Frog Pond

Leapfrog your way to a prize by making frogs jump onto lily pads.

Bob’s Fishin’ Hole

The younger ones delight in this adorable new fishing hole game. And the prizes are the ‘catch of the day’.


You don’t have to have perfect aim to win this game. Everyone is a winner!

Duck Pond

Pick a ducky and win a prize. It’s a quacking good time.

Tub Toss

Test your aim! Toss a beanbag into the tub and win!

Mini Golf

Get a hole in one, one in wins!

Candy Wheel

We are SWEET on you. Whatever sweet teeth you may have, we can fill it.

Balloon Darts

Throw a dart, pop a balloon and win a prize. It can’t get any simpler.

Balloon Bust

You don’t have to have perfect aim to “Bust-A-Balloon” and win!

Long Range Basketball

Do you have what it takes? Test your skills with our long range basketball. Just one in and you win!

Water Gun Fun

The more players, the bigger the prize. Try out this brand new game with your family and a WINNER is guaranteed!

Kiddie Balloon Darts

Throw a dart, win a prize. Easy as 1, 2, 3. KIDS WIN EVERY TIME.

Strong Man Challenge

Are you strongest of them all? Prove it by holding on for two minutes and WIN a prize of your choice!