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General Information (old)

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General Information and Rules & Regulations for Keansburg Amusement Park


General Information and Rules & Regulations for Runaway Rapids

Methods of Payment
Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

ATM Available
Located in the GAME ROOM and Bev & Wally’s

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol is not permitted in Runaway Rapids Waterpark and Keansburg Amusement Park. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased in the amusement park at several establishments such as Club Miami, The Heidelberg, The Pavilion.

Dress Code
Runaway Rapids Waterpark:
Bathing suits are required for all water attractions in the water park. There are two reasons why proper bathing attire is necessary at the waterpark:

  1.  Safety - bathing suits are lightweight and are made to not absorb a lot of water, making it much easier for a person to swim.  If a person is wearing clothing other than a bathing suit, it can hamper the rescue and endanger the life of the individual and the lifeguard.
  2. Hygiene - typically bathing suits are only worn to swim in and not for other activities.  Street clothing or other clothing such as underclothes can introduce bacteria into the water.  Street clothing can also introduce much more detergent and dirt as well as dyes into the water which can also make it unsafe for people to swim in.

Appropriate swimwear means suits designed specifically for swimming , made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and Lycra or spandex.  Below is a list of clothing that is NOT considered "Appropriate Swimwear":

  • Workout Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Pants of all kinds including sweatpants and Jeans (including cut off shorts)
  • Cover ups
  • Sports Bras
  • All other clothing that is not specifically made for swimming

Swimsuits with rivets, buckles, zippers or exposed metal are not allowed.

Diaper Policy is strictly enforced. All children in diapers MUST wear waterproof diaper covers or disposable swim diapers to go in the water. Swim diapers and bathing suits can be purchased at The TIKI HUT in the water park.

Riders with casts, bandages or splints of any kind, recent surgery, back injuries, or who are pregnant are NOT permitted on the water park rides.

Hair Clips & Sunglasses are not recommended and should be worn at your own risk.

Keansburg Amusement Park:
Due to our family friendly atmosphere, appropriate attire is appreciated. There are not any water attractions in Keansburg Amusement Park so swim wear is prohibited out of courtesy to other guests. Riders with casts, braces or splints of any kind, recent surgery, back injuries, or who are pregnant are NOT permitted on the amusement rides.  All attractions are not guaranteed to be open daily.

Sunscreen, sun glasses, camera, film, towels, bathing suits, swim diapers, swim shoes, etc. are sold in the TIKI HUT located in the water park.

Life Jackets
Only you know your swimming ability, and that of your children and anyone you are supervising.  We strongly recommend all guests under 48" who are weak swimmers or non-swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket.  We offer, FREE of charge, life jackets throughout Runaway Rapids during your visit.

It is more convenient for guests to use the lot behind the amusement park. The cost to park a car ALL DAY LONG is $5.00 on weekdays and $7 on weekends & holidays.

Metered parking is limited and available on the street and in the lot north of the amusement park. The Borough of Keansburg owns and operates the meters and strictly enforces any time infractions. Parking violation tickets are given for any expired meter.

Grills and cooking are not permitted in either park.

Glass is not permitted within either park.

Coolers / Outside Food are not permitted in the water park.

Food Establishments
There are many food establishments within the parks ranging from full service casual dining restaurants that serve alcohol to easy take out menus, plus a large variety of snack foods. Please peruse the list below for more information.

Dogs, Skateboards, & Bikes are not permitted in the parks.

Private Parties are available and can be reserved by calling 732-495-1400 x13 or click here.

Yipit and Promopro
coupons or offers are not currently accepted at Keansburg Amusement Park.





    "Wonderful and beautiful day, great food, great water park, and enjoyed the arcade. This was a birthday celebration for my daughter and her father.We love Keansburg."

    April Dockery

    "If your in jersey, one of the nostalgic favorites you have to visit is keansburg! Simple classic family fun, rides, food, arcade and the beach that won't break the bank."


    "Good place for kids, teens, and all. They have plenty of rides for young kids as well as adults. Plenty of places to grab a snack and drinks. Plenty of parking available nearby. Good place to spend a few hours with the kids/ friends/ family.""

    Mital Shah

    "Got the weekday pass. It was worth it. My son had a ball. A full day of fun for one price. Water park and amusement park."

    Avery Sims