Our online Store is now closed for 2 for 1 Tickets. You can purchase the 2 for 1 Tickets Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 3, 4 & 5th at our Ticket Booths. Sunday, April 5th is the last day for our 2 for 1 Ticket Sale. We’ll be open April 6-April 10th for Easter Break. Check website and Facebook page daily for hours of operation.

Keansburg Games

  • Toy Store Wheel

    Toy Store Wheel

    Spin the wheel take a chance and win your favorite character!

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  • Sports Wheel

    Sports Wheel

    Play to own a piece of the ‘subway series’ or for any of your favorite sports teams.

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  • Short Range Hot Shot

    Short Range Hot Shot

    It’s EZ!! Play until you sink it and win your favorite team’s bball.

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  • Roll a Ball

    Roll a Ball

    How hard can it be to win, just roll the ball!

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  • Ring Toss

    Ring Toss

    Concentrate, toss… win!!

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  • Racer’s Edge

    Racer’s Edge

    Runaway Rapids is not the only place that has water. This game lets you have a splashing good time.

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  • Hillybilly’s Shooting Gallery!

    Hillybilly’s Shooting Gallery!

    Take your shot with some smash, pop, and ping! Our newly refurbished shooting gallery is fun to take aim at!

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  • Racers Edge

    Racers Edge

    Race your car to see who wins and wins a prize!

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  • High Striker

    High Striker

    It’s the good old fashion – test your strength to ring the bell.

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  • Water Gun Fun!

    Water Gun Fun!

    Have fun with a water gun!  Win a fun plush toy!

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  • Gun Ball

    Gun Ball

    Aim your shot at the canisters to win a prize.

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  • Goblet Toss!

    Goblet Toss!

    Throw the wiffle ball into the colored cups to win color codes prizes.

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  • Frog Pond

    Frog Pond

    Leapfrog your way to a prize by making frogs jump onto lily pads.

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  • Bob’s Fishin’ Hole

    Bob’s Fishin’ Hole

    The younger ones delight in this adorable new fishing hole game. And the prizes are the ‘catch of the day’.

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  • Duck Pond

    Duck Pond

    Pick a ducky and win a prize. It’s a quacking good time.

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  • Dart Game

    Dart Game

    You don’t have to have perfect aim to win this game. Everyone is a winner!

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  • Cool Stuff

    Cool Stuff

    Spin the wheel of prizes to win remote!

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  • Candy Wheel

    Candy Wheel

    We are SWEET on you. Whatever sweet teeth you may have, we can fill it.

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  • Block Buster

    Block Buster

    Hey Buster, we need you to win!

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  • Balloon Water Race

    Balloon Water Race

    Water guns have never been so much fun, especially if you are the first to ring the bell!

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  • Balloon Darts

    Balloon Darts

    Throw a dart, pop a balloon and win a prize. It can’t get any simpler.

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  • Balloon Bust

    Balloon Bust

    You don’t have to have perfect aim to “Bust-A-Balloon” and win!

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