We’ll be open  on the weekends in April including Saturday April 18th and Sunday April 19th at 11am for Kiddie Rides and 12noon for Family and Thrill Rides, Go Karts, Food, Arcades, Games and Batting Cages.

Keansburg Games

  • Toy Store Wheel

    Toy Store Wheel

    Spin the wheel take a chance and win your favorite character!

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  • Sports Wheel

    Sports Wheel

    Play to own a piece of the ‘subway series’ or for any of your favorite sports teams.

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  • Short Range Hot Shot

    Short Range Hot Shot

    It’s EZ!! Play until you sink it and win your favorite team’s bball.

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  • Roll a Ball

    Roll a Ball

    How hard can it be to win, just roll the ball!

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  • Ring Toss

    Ring Toss

    Concentrate, toss… win!!

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  • Racer’s Edge

    Racer’s Edge

    Runaway Rapids is not the only place that has water. This game lets you have a splashing good time.

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  • Hillybilly’s Shooting Gallery!

    Hillybilly’s Shooting Gallery!

    Take your shot with some smash, pop, and ping! Our newly refurbished shooting gallery is fun to take aim at!

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  • Racers Edge

    Racers Edge

    Race your car to see who wins and wins a prize!

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  • High Striker

    High Striker

    It’s the good old fashion – test your strength to ring the bell.

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  • Water Gun Fun!

    Water Gun Fun!

    Have fun with a water gun!  Win a fun plush toy!

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  • Gun Ball

    Gun Ball

    Aim your shot at the canisters to win a prize.

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  • Goblet Toss!

    Goblet Toss!

    Throw the wiffle ball into the colored cups to win color codes prizes.

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  • Frog Pond

    Frog Pond

    Leapfrog your way to a prize by making frogs jump onto lily pads.

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  • Bob’s Fishin’ Hole

    Bob’s Fishin’ Hole

    The younger ones delight in this adorable new fishing hole game. And the prizes are the ‘catch of the day’.

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  • Duck Pond

    Duck Pond

    Pick a ducky and win a prize. It’s a quacking good time.

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  • Dart Game

    Dart Game

    You don’t have to have perfect aim to win this game. Everyone is a winner!

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  • Cool Stuff

    Cool Stuff

    Spin the wheel of prizes to win remote!

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  • Candy Wheel

    Candy Wheel

    We are SWEET on you. Whatever sweet teeth you may have, we can fill it.

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  • Block Buster

    Block Buster

    Hey Buster, we need you to win!

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  • Balloon Water Race

    Balloon Water Race

    Water guns have never been so much fun, especially if you are the first to ring the bell!

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  • Balloon Darts

    Balloon Darts

    Throw a dart, pop a balloon and win a prize. It can’t get any simpler.

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  • Balloon Bust

    Balloon Bust

    You don’t have to have perfect aim to “Bust-A-Balloon” and win!

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